Africa-inspired Fashion & Lifestyle: Home Decor by LLULO

LULLO_APIF_1APiF: Please introduce your brand.
Michelle T. Olomojobi:  LLULO is a dynamic independent fashion/lifestyle brand!
APiF: How did you get into Home Decor and specifically Africa-inspired Home Decor?
Michelle: I am in love with home decor. Naturally, I am an introvert and home body. So the idea of having pieces in my home that remind me of Africa just made sense.
APiF: What is your cultural heritage and how does that influence you and your work?
Michelle: I am Nigerian. My cultural heritage is a huge influence. It is basically the basis of why LLULO was started. I didn’t see anything in stores that was Africa-inspired at the time. I am always looking for ways to modernize traditional things.
APiF: Is everything handmade? How long does it take to make the Africa pillow?
Michelle: Yes, everything is handmade! It takes about an hour and a half to cut, sew, stuff, and close. Hopefully, I can move faster!
APiF: What is next for LLULO?
Michelle: I’m currently working on the Spring/Summer collection that is set to release April 1st! This includes new home decor pieces! I’m super excited!
APiF: Any tips for young designers?
Michelle: Have a lot of patience and even more faith. Those are the two things that have helped me through this journey!


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