Hip, Cool & Stylish: Nash Prints It

nashprintsit_collection_apif_10Sometimes the most beautiful designs & photos are so captivating – because they are simple. That’s what I like so much about the France/Benin-based brand Nash Prints It. The studio photography of their new collection focuses on  showcasing West African prints worn by beautiful women. Simple, right? But so effective!

I basically love every single image as it exudes style, beauty, positive energy, confidence, coolness, elegance and hipness. All that without frills and props. My favorites are the short Kimono tops and the dress with the cut-out at the back.

How do you like the collection? Any favorite looks? Comment below!


Find out more:

w: http://www.nashprintsit.com/

f: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nash-Prints-It



nashprintsit_collection_apif_11 nashprintsit_collection_apif_2 nashprintsit_collection_apif_3 nashprintsit_collection_apif_4 nashprintsit_collection_apif_5 nashprintsit_collection_apif_7 nashprintsit_collection_apif_8 nashprintsit_collection_apif_9 nashprintsit_collection_apif_12nashprintsit_collection_apif_6

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