Brand New: Afro Lifestyle Magazine “Afropolitain”

afropolitain_apif_interview_NoellaAPiF: Please introduce yourself
Nsayi Keziah Makoundou: My Name is Nsayi Keziah Makoundou. I was born in Toulouse, France but my origins are Congo Brazzaville (my dad side) and Côte d’Ivoire (my mother side).

APiF: What is your professional background?
Keziah: I studied design in Paris and I have a masters in Graphic Design. I moved to NYC a few months after my graduation and worked for magazines such as UPTOWN Magazine, VIBE, MAXIM, POPULAR MECHANICS and so on. I always worked in the publishing industry.

afropolitain_apif_interviewAPiF: What motivated you to start Afropolitain Magazine?
Keziah: Having my own magazine was always a dream until it became reality! I pretty much stopped everything I was doing to focus on this project. What motivated me the most is that I realized the lack of a good Afro Lifestyle Magazine – especially in France, and in a lot of countries in Europe. Everything that you find on the market is in my opinion not that great looking and the content is lacking. I felt like ‘It is 2016, why can’t I find a dope, modern Afro Lifestyle Magazine, something that represents us! So I took a chance!afropolitain_apif_interview_Nala

APiF: What is the goal of the magazine?
Keziah: I want this magazine to become a tool in our community. I want the magazine to inspire the young generation. I want people to know that you can be black and be on top of any industry today. And of course become N°1 on the market with time.

APiF: How does your magazine differentiate itself from other magazines?
Keziah: We are fresh, the content is great and modern! The design is beautiful and it’s created by black people. Also we cover a large genre of subjects and we carter to women and men. Our magazine is a double sided magazine one side for women and one side for men.

APiF: Where can readers buy it – subscribe to it?
Keziah: The first issue is now available in Europe and the US. You can either buy a print version or access it digitally. You are able to buy the magazine via our website, too. We will start a subscription offer right after the second issue.

afropolitain_keziah Makoundou
The founder & creative director: Nsayi Keziah Makoundou

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