BAM’s Dance Africa Bazaar 2015

Memorial Weekend is here and that means also BAM’s Dance Africa Festival and the Africa Bazaar are back. That is when gentrified Fort Greene turns Black again, lines build up for jerk chicken grills and red velvet funnel cake stalls, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and many vendors are spilling onto the streets around BAM – the Brooklyn Academy of Music to sell Africa-inspired fashion, jewelry, bags, art etc. As everyone knows who has been following this blog for a while: This is my favorite festival of the year besides AfroPunk!

It is getting smaller though, as the parking lot and other empty spaces  – where the vendors used to build-up their tents – are now blocked by construction for big, glassy condo buildings. I really hope that this festival isn’t pushed out of Fort Greene eventually as I just love it so much.

Here are some impressions of the fashion/accessories and the stylish peeps that attended. Would love to hear your comments below!

apif_BAM_Dance_Africa_head_1 Bam_Dance_Africa_Bob bangles_myfave_BAM_Dance_Africa14 beads_necklace_BAM_Dance_Africa15 beriqisu_style_1_BAM_Dance_Africa Bib_beads_BAM_Dance_Africa_14 bighair_afro_BAM_Dance_Africa bignecklace_BAM_Dance_Africa_7 blueorangemix_BAM_Dance_Africa Constance_in _Afrodisiac_BAM_Dance_Africa curiousontanzania_BAM_Dance_Africa fabric_Necklace_BAM_Dance_Africa_10 flowerprint_BAM_Dance_Africa Globalbatik_2_BAM_Dance_Africa globalbatik_BAM_Dance_Africa lovepurple_BAM_Dance_Africa menswear_top_beard_BAM_Dance_Africa msk_apif_BAM_festival1 mskny_apif_2ndday_BAM Nasozi_BAM_Dance_Africa_3 necklace_BAM_Dance_Africa_5 necklace_BAM_Dance_Africa17 printbag_BAM_Dance_Africa_13 printpants_BAM_Dance_Africa streets_BAM_Dance_Africa16 styles_BAM_Dance_Africa_6 styles_BAM_Dance_Africa18 stylish_peeps_3_BAM_Dance_Africa stylish_peeps_4_BAM_Dance_Africa stylishcouple_2_BAM_Dance_Africa stylishcouple_BAM_Dance_Africa_Festival stylishpeeps_BAM_Dance-Africa superstylish_BAM_Dance_Africa thenecklace!_BAM_Dance_Africa thevest_BAM_Dance_Africa turban_BAM_Dance_Africa wowwobywunmi_BAM_Dance_Africa wrapdress_semirahjewelry_BAM_Dance_Africa

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