Frida Kahlo-esk: Duro Olowu Spring/Summer 2016

Frida Kahlo is trending at the moment. I am not quite sure why, but she pops-up everywhere: on bags, on earrings, her art is currently exhibited in NYC.  Don’t get me wrong: I love her art and aesthetic and what she stands for >> uncompromising feminist and artist. I am just curious why she is suddenly trending. So when I saw the new collection from Nigerian high-end designer Duro Olowu, Frida Kahlo came immediately to mind regarding the model, the styling and the flower prints.

However, Duro Olowu was inspired by Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil, the “Frida Kahlo of India”. So my first impression wasn’t too far fetched ;-). The yellow & black and white & blue prints also remind me of Adire fabrics. So maybe this collection is a cultural mix of Nigerian, Mexican and Indian influences?

The yellow and black print dresses are my favorite. but I would also wear the elegant black dress! I like that Duro Olowu always manages to stay true to his trademark of using different prints to create these elegant, chic, stylish designs.

Getting one of his awesome but expensive dresses remains on my bucket list.

Which outfit is your favorite?

duro_olowu_SS2016_19 duro_olowu_SS2016_20 duro_olowu_SS2016_21duro_olowu_SS2016_1 duro_olowu_SS2016_2 duro_olowu_SS2016_4 duro_olowu_SS2016_5 duro_olowu_SS2016_7 duro_olowu_SS2016_8 duro_olowu_SS2016_9 duro_olowu_SS2016_11 duro_olowu_SS2016_12 duro_olowu_SS2016_13 duro_olowu_SS2016_14 duro_olowu_SS2016_16 duro_olowu_SS2016_17 duro_olowu_SS2016_18

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