“Sporting something different and cool” – Designs by Mimmy Yeboah


APiF: Please introduce your brand.
Mimmy Yeboah: I’m a self-taught New York City based designer. My brand is basically me, Mimmy Yeboah. I create exclusive minimal statement pieces for women, putting more of a focus on the female frame. All of my fabrics are chosen, cut and constructed to create confidence as you walk with your  head high wearing a garment from Mimmy Yeboah.

APiF: What is your professional background?
Mimmy: I might not have a “real” professional background for fashion design, as I am self-taught. But I have taken classes mimmi_yeboah_swimwear_top_apifat Parsons and FIT. Parsons is where I was taught fashion by force, as an elementary student. Parsons offered pre-College classes, where my brother and I took art and drawing classes. Once we were older, we went into the different classes like fashion design or animation.

I dreaded fashion at Parsons only because of my fear to explore my creative side without being judged, as the majority of the kids seemed to know what they were doing. As I got older fashion became embedded into me and one day I decided I wanted to sew my sketches and I just started. That is when I eventually decided to take two classes at FIT to improve on my basic skills. Because knowing the basics is important.

APiF: Your swimwear is very unique – what was the inspiration for the design?
Mimmy: I’m a June baby, so I love creating pieces for the summer. Swimwear is always interesting. The ideas and inspiration usually comes from music and wanting to be in the sun, sporting something different and cool.
APiF: What is your cultural heritage and how does it influence your designs?FullSizeRender_2
Mimmy: I’m Ghanaian, and I make sure every one knows that in a not so subtle way. I want everyone to know Ghana. So my heritage definitely influences my designs. I feel like I create better when I’m in Ghana anyways.
APiF: What should we look for when buying swimwear – any recommendations?
Mimmy: Well when I’m looking for swimwear, I’m looking for what fits my boobs because I have G’s. So I want support! But I want it to be cute. But in general I believe looking for the right color for your complexion is important. You don’t want to look washed-out in the beautiful sun!
APiF: Any tips for emerging Designers?
Mimmy: Never give up! “Keep on keeping on” as a good friend of mine would say.
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