I Dream in Stripes

Yes Stripes! I know this blog is about African Fashion and I blog a lot about prints, but isn’t a stripe somehow also a print? I used to be in love with stripes. I think I probably owned at one point 3 striped summer dresses. I used to combine striped tops & blouses with African prints quite a bit. But then suddenly, I got tired of it. Until I went to a store yesterday and was surrounded by a sea of stripes, mixed with a couple of flower prints. And I have to admit, I faltered! I bought another striped item. It’s a shoulder free top, so I think that gives me a pass as should free (very eighties) is totally hot right now.

So in case you are not totally striped out yet or you want to give stripes another chance, here are some inspirations! Let me know how you feel about stripes – comment below!

stripes_leaves_apifstripes_africanfabric_ifescloset_apifstripes_dress_apif_2 stripes_gownd_apif_4 stripes_orange_apif_3 stripes_prints_kaelakay_apif stripes_prints_style_apif stripes_top_apif_5Stripes_casual_apifsolange-style-stripes_apif

Image Credits from top to bottom:

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  • Photo by Jeferson Lima
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